Getting started

You can introduce yourself in person, by phone or letter/practitioner referral.

You will be seen by a trained psychologist or a counsellor in their final training period.

You will be asked to work with your counsellor in a partnership.

We work within the Humanistic Talking therapies framework.

This will consist of a 1-hour session at our centre once a week. For as many weeks as you feel the need.
(Other contact during the week is acceptable on and informal basis.)

This will be free at the point of delivery to you.
(As a registered charity any donations you offer will be accepted, We are usually short of funds.)

Before and after your sessions you can make use of our quite lounge.

We will offer to you a counsellor who is trained or under supervised training.

Who should be seen to be Genuine: The counsellor should seen to be at ease and ‘being themselves’

  • Respectful: The counsellor should seem unshockable, understanding and openly receptive.
  • Encouraging: You should feel supported and accompanied on your journey without judgement or direction.
  • Understanding: Your understanding is important and you should always feel your counsellor is able to help you understand what he/she means, giving you the time you feel you need to explore your understanding.
  • Relaxed: Your counsellor should seem relaxed and in harmony within the session with the ability to start and finish your sessions appropriately.
  • Confidentiality: You must feel safe and sure your rights under the protection act are assured.

The first step is the hardest, but once you have made the approach your counsellor should make the ongoing sessions as easy for you as possible. You should begin to look forward to being together and feel positive about it. Should we be unable to help you we will help you discover where you can get assistance.

When you are invited to your initial assessment appointment your issues will not be judged. We will be trying to determine if our skills are appropriate to engage with your needs. You will be our priority and your safety and the search for a positive outcome will be paramount.