Advice desk
Our aim is to empower our clients to deal with their practical issues. Debts, housing, benefit claims, health, and much more falls within our remit, the overarching issue of a client’s wellness being the aim of any intervention. If possible we support client’s to communicate with creditors etc.; we take the role of advocate if the client is unable to take on their issues. Our form completion service is available to anyone. We make no charges for these services.

We offer one to one and group therapies. All our therapies fall under the humanistic umbrella, and there are no time restrictions or charges for one to one or group therapy. Referrals can come from other agencies or the client.

We offer Person Centred supervision free to our staff in a one to one or group format. To external staff supervision is charged out at £35.00 per hour.

We offer training placements (approximately eight a year) for counsellors nearing the end of their training. These students are offered free supervision and training during their time with us.