A single word with far reaching effects.

Not only a belief, more a blueprint for what one expects from life and how life is approached.

Not as many who remain confused believe some form of religion. In reality, quite the opposite stance, each individual being responsible for all their actions – a belief that puts people first, second, and third with no place for any overarching directive system of progression from any external origin.

The only thing we can be sure of is whatever actions we undertake we will in short act as a human can be expected to act. Facing the understanding that we all have a full repertoire of good, bad, positive, negative, loving, hateful, etc. etc.

Separating truth from facts (ever changing or to the best of our knowledge real and unchanging) the interpretation of the humanistic understanding is filtered through each human that considers the belief. Therefore its on-going development of the humanistic stance is a fundamental element of a humanistic belief.

If we understand that Plato’s (427BC) original thoughts became recorded and thus Plato’s thoughts were made up of what he was seeing, feeling, and experiencing, then the sum of all these things therefore it seems clear that there are not any pure original thoughts. With this in mind we do not claim to have invented this type of therapy. We do however claim that the starting point for Bohemia Counselling’s philosophy is an original mix of Prof. Chris Beaumont’s interpretation of the data available in 1996. Since then the development has been free and formed from the efforts of the team that has become Bohemia Counselling.

We are humanistic in outlook, based in the now (today) space seeking the best each day can contain. People first living in the now getting the best they can, supporting their overall wellness spirituality, psychologically, and physically in the human way.